“Ronan Smith provided an excellent service in which he encouraged participation from all board members. He made a complex investment process accessible and provided a very useful analysis… I am happy to strongly commend the investment review process provided by RSIC”

Credit Union Manager

“Ronan Smith’s long experience in this field combined with his experience and independence enabled us to formulate, analyse and assess our practical options in a most worthwhile manner.”

Family Office

“Very few people in the investment business have Ronan’s combination of experience (managing large funds, creating some of Ireland’s most innovative products, running large parts of investment businesses, advising large investment clients and being a long-standing executive board member of Ireland’s most successful and largest ever asset manager…) or Ronan’s intellect and wisdom. When combined with his integrity and honesty, it is hard to find other equivalents.”

Adrian Turner, Managing Director, Crownay Capital

“I can recommend Ronan’s work without hesitation. He combines a fine intellect with an ability to listen to the client and speak plainly. His experience in both academia and business makes him an ideal partner for any client requiring robust, practical and innovative advice.”

Managing Director, Investment Manager

“If you want someone to give you timely business solutions Ronan Smith is the go to person; he delivers results in a professional and collegiate manner.”

Investment Manager

“I would be happy to recommend Ronan to anybody and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

IT Director, Life Assurance

“Ronan is a highly skilled, creative and committed consultant. I have no hesitation recommending his services … he brought challenge, rigour and enthusiasm to the role”

Equity Manager

“Ronan has tremendous insights and expertise in pensions and investment management and would add value on multiple levels for both investors and providers in this space.”

Senior Investment Director

“I highly recommend Ronan for his integrity, professionalism, people skills, courage to be a contrarian thinker, and his ability to understand the asset management business from various angles. I have been lucky to work with him in the past, and would be happy to do it again in the future.”

Senior Risk Manager

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